iclect - Image Selection Utility

iclect   allows you to browse folders containing large numbers of images (e.g. from a digital camera). You can then select and copy images to another folder for further processing or to create collections of images for archiving or distribution.
iclect   does neither provide imaging facilities nor support for great numbers of image or other file formats. Those things are up to other, "larger" applications. Its sole purpose is to make image selection as quick and easy as possible. It therefore does not require any extra libraries other than those provided by the .NET Framework.
iclect   is written in C#, based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and runs on platforms for which a full .NET Framework is available.

iclect is hosted at SourceForge.net. You may want to visit the project summary page at SourceForge.net.


How to obtain an installable version of iclect

If you only want to use iclect, then an installable version of iclect is just what you need. If you are a software developer, and you want to see, whow iclect does what it does, or you want to build your own version of iclect, containing all the latest features and bugfixes, that have not been released yet, or you even want to contribute to the project, then you probably want to have the source code of iclect. Obtaining the source code is described in the next section.

Ready to use (binary) versions of iclect are available via the SourceForge.net File Release System. Downloading and installing the .msi file will copy the files, that make up iclect, to your program files directory, and create a shortcut in the programs menu.

How to obtain a source code version of iclect

Source code for the binary versions can be found next to the binary versions in the File Release System.

The current source code, containing all recent bug fixes and other changes, can be obtained via CVS or via a Nightly.zip archive.

Go to the CVS page, to find out how to get CVS access or to browse the iclect sources online. The main modulename for the iclect project is "iclect".

The Nightly.zip archive is created every night at 3AM (Pacific time, GMT-8).


iclect depends on the .NET Framework, so any prerequisites of the .NET Framework must be met. For installation of the binary packages, Microsoft Windows Installer 1.5 or higher is required. Other than that there are hardly any prerequisites. Depending on the size of your images a fast hard disk and/or system is recommended.

The .NET Framework can be obtained from Microsoft from the MSDN Online pages. See the following page on How to get the .NET Framework.

If you have recent versions of Microsoft Software (e.g. Windows XP, Windows 2000 SP3, Office), an appropriate version of Microsoft Windows Installer is probably already installed on your machine. Try opening the downloaded .msi file. Otherwise Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0 packages (InstMsiA.exe or InstMsiW.exe) are available from the File Release System (see "Files" at the top of the page). Use InstMsiA.exe to install Windows Installer on Windows 98, Windows 98SE or Windows ME. Use InstMsiW.exe to install Windows Installer on Windows NT4 or Windows 2000.


iclect is distributed as a Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) file. Installation is done by opening the .msi file and following the instructions of the installation wizard. An iclect icon will be installed in the programs menu.

Uninstalling iclect is done through the Software applet in the Control Panel.

iclect creates hidden files named iclect.thumbs in every folder, containing images, that you visited. If you plan on not using iclect any more you might consider searching for all files with that name and deleting them from your hard disks permanently.

Bug Reporting, Support Requests, Feature Requests

If you find a bug, please report it to the bug tracker. If you already have a patch for the bug, you might also consider uploading it through the patch tracker.

If you need help on anything, please visit the support tracker.

If you are missing something, or have any other suggestion on how to make iclect better, please submit your ideas to the feature request tracker.

All trackers can also be found on the summary page and the tracker page.

NOTE: If you have more than one issue to report, please submit them as separate items, one item at a time. Keeping issues separate helps tracking them.

Thank you for using iclect,

Michael Pöttgen
The iclect Project

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